Molly Ludlam, M.A.

Having recently retired from clinical practice as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with couples, individuals, and parents, Molly Ludlam now focuses on teaching, consulting, writing, and editing. She is the founding Editor of the International Journal of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis. Other publications include Couple Attachments: Theoretical and Clinical Studies, (2007) co-edited with V. Nyberg; and most recently, “Failure in Couple Relationships and in Couple Psychotherapy” (2014) In: B. Willock, R. Coleman Curtis & L. Bohm, (Eds.), Understanding and Coping with Failure: Psychoanalytic Perspectives; “Sitting with Marital Tensions: the work of Henry Dicks in applying Fairbairn’s ideas to couple relationships,” (2014), In: D. Scharff & G. Clarke (Eds.) Fairbairn and the object relations tradition; and “The perinatally depressed couple and the imperative of mourning” (2014), In: K. Cullen, E. Bondi, J. Fewell, E. Francis, & M. Ludlam (Eds.). Making Spaces: Putting Psychoanalytic Thinking to Work. She was recently appointed to serve as External Examiner at Tavistock Relationships, UK, from 2016 – 2019.